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Specialist for 40 years

in flame spraying

technology & TSA

We have the widest range of Metalspray Equipment, Oerlikon Metco Classics, autogenous and electrical systems, always in stock and we offer our customers independent knowledge of all brands in flame spraying technology. We are down to earth and have an open business structure.  

With almost 40 years of experience, EDCO Benelux is thé specialist and supplier for metallization equipment and spraying materials.

We are a connector in preliminary work and afterwork

through our network of knowledge.

The success of your project is what we strive for every day!

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Our promise to YOU

 As the owner and founder of EDCO, I am proud of what we

can do for our customers.

The success of your project

is what we strive for every day!

Where other techniques may require maintenance after 5 years,

we guarantee a minimum of 30 years corrosion free work

with our method. Durable and cost effective.​

Never again a project that comes to a standstill,

because we always have everything in stock.

No unnecessary costs and no more delays, NO Downtime.

We always think along.Every project has its own

challenges and needs a personal approach.


We accelerate your project by providing independent

advice on the most suitable products based on our calculations,

experience and test applications.  


Edwin van Hoogenhuizen


No standstills



A small selection

of our customers:

GSB Mornings

Blasting company Boxtel BV

Venko Group Hoogeveen

Straco, Waspik

Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group

Verwater Protective Coating BV

HSM Offshore BV / HSM Steel Structures BV

Bouman-Arkel BV- Zwijndrecht

Bilfinger Belgium - Netherlands - Germany

Buijsse International Belgium

DCS - Drecht Coating Services BV

Van Gils group

Milcon Technology BV

Venko Groep BV Hoogeveen

OIL NV Belgium

Euromat Belgium

Smulders Projects Belgium NV

Our clients

work for:






Dow Chemical


Our partners are:

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THE IMPORTANCE OF metallisation

Metallization provides steel structures of any size with a much longer protection against all possible forms of corrosion than other techniques.

This protection improves process safety and minimizes maintenance costs. Objects last longer and require much less maintenance.

Where with conventional (paint) coatings the coating has to be updated after four to five years, metallization protects your steel for at least 30 years.​

Read more about what metallisation can do for your project.

Especially in a world in which sustainability has become a leading role, the technique of metallising/ TSA is indispensable.

Not only do our anti-corrosion solutions for your project or product increase the durability, but also our metallizing process is more sustainable than any other coating process.

No more emissions of toxic gases. The benefits of metallizing are endless. Just think about what the end of concrete rot could mean for the maintenance of waterworks and bridges. Or for your offshore project.​

Read the experiences of our customers and their applications.

A sustainable choice

Optimal protection against corrosion

Protection period of at least 30 years

(also under tough conditions)

No drying or curing time

Better quality and a more sustainable choice

compared to only paint coatings

(less emissions due to longer lifespan)

Objects last longer

Significant cost savings in maintenance

No downtime during work process

Fire-safe result

Time saving compared to

other coating processes



We like to think along. Every project has its own challenges and needs a personal approach.


Brand Independent

Our position in the market is brand independent. Our knowledge is based on more than 30 years of experience in the technology and development of metallising/ TSA.

We accelerate your project

By looking for the best solution in terms of efficiency, cost savings and quality. Because every project is different. We provide independent advice on the best available brand (for you) based on calculations, experience, and test applications. 


It is always possible to have us provide a test application prior to the start of your project.

We have standard test plates of 100x100 mm or you can supply your own sample on request.

Call us on 0031 (0)76 - 5430828 or send your question to

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Heel graag houden wij u met onze blog  op de hoogte van de ontwikkeling in onze branche, en de mooie projecten die onze partners realiseren middels Metallisatie & TSA.

The Possibilities Are Endless...

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