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Metallization | TSA

TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum) is by far the most sustainable method for preservation/anti-corrosion, wear or anti-slip treatment of all (base) metals. 

Using compressed air, gas and oxygen, aluminum or zinc wire (or a combination) is sprayed in molten state with a metallizing gun onto a (pre-blasted) metal surface.

The sprayed aluminum layer – of at least 250 microns – solidifies immediately and thus forms a corrosion-resistant protective layer. This layer provides protection from corrosion for at least 30 years.

It is also possible to apply a TSA layer directly under the insulation, so that the risk of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) is significantly reduced.

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The importance of


Metallization provides steel structures of any size with significantly longer protection against all forms of corrosion.

This protection benefits process safety and minimizes maintenance costs: Objects last longer and require much less maintenance.

Where with usual (paint) coatings the protective layer needs to be redone after 4 to 5 years, metallizing provides your steel with protection for at least 30 years.


The benefits for your project:

● Optimal protection against corrosion

● Protection period of at least 30 years (also under tough conditions)

● No drying or curing time

● Significant cost savings on maintenance

● Objects last longer.

● Better quality and a more durable choice compared to only paint coatings

● No downtime during work process

● Fire safe result

● Time saving compared to other coating processes.

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