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What We Can Do for You

"an honest story"

Never a standstill again, and we mean that.With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, we are aware of the time pressure within projects like no other and we realize that not meeting a deadline on time can lead to disaster scenarios. Standing still is therefore not an option for our customers. EDCO Benelux therefore always has everything in stock and provides a solution within 24 hours.




We offer a total package in Support & Service, so that most maintenance of the installation can be carried out by yourself on location.


In the unlikely event that something else is wrong, we will of course visit you on location.

In the event that your installation has to come with us for reparation, we will place a temporary installation while yours is being made.

Answer and support within 24 hours and we always find a solution.

Your project supervised by experienced hands

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