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Our EDCO ARC 600 is an electric flame sprayer that offers all the advantages of regular flame spraying, but without having to use gas and oxygen.

The EDCO ARC 600 is most suitable for use in automation (Robotics) for metalizing large objects and surfaces such as bridges, electricity pylons, and tanks.

EDCO Arc 600

Advantages of the EDCO ARC 600:

  • German manufacturer.

  • European certified.

  • Universally interchangeable with Oerlikon METCO Arc Systems.

  • 34 Volts.

  • High capacity. Machine has a 600 ampere high capacity (60 kilo zinc per hour/17 KG aluminum per hour).

  • Good adhesion guaranteed.

  • Over-modulated.

  • Extendable working range to 28 meters. Standard 8 meters.

  • Application with: zinc/aluminium - zinc - aluminum - aluminum/magnesium

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