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Edco Metalspray Equipment 

Our thoroughly developed technique EDCO Metalspray Equipment makes it possible to spray with not only aluminum – zinc – zinc aluminum – aluminum magnesium, but also with:

Copper - bronze - nickel chrome - chrome nickel - molybdenum -titanium or various similar metals in seven different diameters, both metric and in inches.

For this we have realized a handy machine for all applications. This makes the application possibilities of metallization even greater than it already was.


Even very large objects and surfaces can be sustainably preserved in this way. Our machines create little dust and guarantee 90% efficiency.


In addition to your material, extraction costs and dust waste, you also save considerably on man hours.

One system to spray all materials with

Edco Metalspray Equipment 

The EDCO Metalspray is an autogenous flame sprayer,

developed with more than 40 years of practical knowledge,

to complement what you need to make your project a success.

The EDCO Metalspray Equipment will never let you down.

The fastest, simplest and light in weight.

Developed with knowledge.

EDCO-Metalspray EQ.png


Type 3.0 with safety handle

  • Dutch manufacturer

  • One system to spray all materials with

  • Very suitable for aluminum

  • Large and fast (working) range

  • Spray all metals with one gun

  • Handy

  • All common diameters

  • Long life spare parts

  • Self-maintenance training

  • Sustainable autogenous spraying process

  • Little waste high efficiency

  • Standard 25m hose - all sizes possible (customization).

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