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"there's no planet b..."

In a world where change is not an 'option' but a necessity, metallizing offers the sustainable solution to all coating problems.

Still, it surprises us that this technique hasn't received the fame it deserves.

Below we therefore tell you more about the benefits of metallizing  and the sustainability it offers to your project, thereby contributing to a better future and keeping the earth intact.

30 years corrosion free!

The example on the right shows how quickly corrosion finds its way onto an untreated metal plate.
Exposed to only water, the plate is completely rusted in 5 hours. The metallized layer, on the other hand, remains protected.
In a world that is crying out for sustainability, metallization is the answer. Immagine no more concrete rot and reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition, metallizing can do much more to make your project more sustainable. Think of the savings, both financially and for the environment, such as a bridge that does not have to be recoated every 5 years. The bridge does not have to be closed off, no traffic diversions, no expensive and time-consuming processes. And for many construction activities, metallization means the end of premature corrosion.
EDCO's autogenous installation also makes it possible to use green gas. We would be happy to look at your projects and help to make them greener and more cost effective!
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